stove 8 web pageRound for a Reason LLC is showcasing a patent pending combustion chamber design.  What makes this design special is the combustion process and how the heat is transferred. The first product built with this design is called, Dakota Stove.  Dakota Stove is an indoor wood burning furnace.  Just because the outside of the stove looks simple, there is a lot going on inside!

Just one fire box design, many stoves.  This is a design that offers increased fuel efficiency, safety and flexible applications.  If a combustion chamber is great for a wood stove, why not an outdoor furnace?  Or if your pellet stove is good, why not build it as an indoor furnace?  Until now, it didn’t make sense to share a design without losing some of the benefits.

There are many opportunities for this design.  We are serious when we say – If it is square, get it out of there!

Many ways to produce or extract heat:

1. Heat Air                                                 2. Heat Water            
a. indoor furnace                                      a. outdoor boiler
b. outdoor furnace                                   b. indoor boiler
c. free standing radiant stove                c. steam production
d. non-blower furnace                            d. domestic hot water coil

Stoves can be built to burn any solid fuel. Examples of fuel are cord wood, wood pellets, untreated/unpainted scrap lumber, corn, olive pits, coal and other solid fuels.

       a. vertical cylinder firebox
      b. centered flue exit
c. centered round baffles
d. baffles parallel to fire grate
Results of application of technology:
       a. reduced structural deterioration from thermal expansion
       b. improved convection currents
       c. improved combustion cycle
       e. heat many types of space/areas 
       f. reduced temperature of flue gases
      d. greater heat output with increased fuel efficiency


Visually the stove can have any type of appearance as long as the fire box maintains being a vertical cylinder fire box with round baffles. The patent pending technology is called, Efficient Solid Fuel Burning Appliance.

Round For A Reason LLC     Patent Pending