stove 8 web pageCompany trade secrets, there are materials, measurements and other construction methods not mentioned on this site that are/will be used to continue improvements of Dakota Stove and other appliances in the future and will not be shared publicly.

 Round for a Reason LLC is showcasing a patented combustion chamber design.

 Combined combustion chamber and heat transfer design allows longer residence time of the fuel, where high combustion temperatures and the combustion air are located. Primary and secondary combustion will happen in the same space but at different heights.  What makes this design special is the combustion process and how the heat is transferred.

The first product built with this design is called, Dakota Stove.  Dakota Stove is an indoor wood burning furnace. 

Just because the outside of the stove looks simple, there is a lot going on inside!

 If you have not considered using a different type of combustion chamber design, I would have to ask, why not?


We would be happy to be your consultant on designing a combustion chamber.


Round For A Reason LLC

   Patented in Canada (2,707,405) and United States (9182116)