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This site is an introduction to patent pending technology, Efficient Solid Fuel Burning Appliance.

United States Patent number 9182116 and it was issued 11-10-2015, ALSO patent pending in Canada,  Canadian Patent Application No. 2707405.

Round for a Reason LLC has no problem stating that the patent pending technology will beat any square, rectangle or horizontal combustion chamber (stove design), ALWAYS.  It is that simple.  The shape of your stove makes the fuel burn poorly, it is not the fuel that is the problem it is the stove. Yes, burn dry/untreated wood.

One fire box design, many stoves.  This is a design that offers increased fuel efficiency, safety, and flexible applications.  If a combustion chamber is great for a wood stove, why not an outdoor furnace?  Or if your pellet stove is good, why not build it as an indoor furnace?  Until now, it didn’t make sense to share a design without losing some of the benefits.

Any height, any diameter.

The particular stove design shown is the indoor wood furnace construction.

Over 50 stoves can be built with the technology and stoves can have hundreds of aesthetically pleasing designs.  Either a furnace, boiler, furnace with a water coil, or a free standing stove can be built with the technology.


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