This is not the page where we ask for money, there are no pages asking.  Round for a Reason LLC really wants to hear your feedback on wood heating, collecting firewood, selling firewood, storing and drying firewood. We would really appreciate it if you went to our Survey page and shared your thoughts.

Round for a Reason LLC – biomass heaters that use less fuel, give off more heat and are safer.

Round for a Reason LLC is passionate about keeping homes warm, we strive to make home and other space heating easier and safer. While we are in the process of getting stoves tested and into the market, we don’t want to be “Just another stove company”.

A stove that uses less fuel makes collecting fuel easier. New businesses can be created for sourcing/collecting and delivering of fuels. With our design, small fuel loads allow people to maintain a warm home with less cost and effort with an increased level of comfort. In under served communities, heating with wood and sourcing firewood can be real difficult.

Using biomass keeps money in communities. Collecting, transporting and storing of biomass has little risk to people and the environment. Availability and delivery of biomass should be local and that would give heat security to stove users.

Round for a Reason understands the importance of being self-reliant and it is a basic human need for a warm home. We want to show people that with our stoves, there is less burden on the user and on the environment. We want to show people a wood stove is great for emergencies or as a secondary source of heat; to help the environment a person doesn’t have to use their stove full time. 

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you enjoy the website and look around and learn why we are,”Round for a Reason”.

Round for a Reason LLC is a heating appliance company. We really like biomass! Just think of all that power in a cord of wood… “[a] single cord of wood contains 333 times as much energy as the Powerwall.” Article link


18 Minute video sharing benefits of the Stove.


Patented in Canada (2,707,405) and United States (9182116)


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