Patented in Canada and USA:





If you have not considered using a different type of combustion chamber design, I would have to ask:

                         Why not?

Round for a Reason LLC  is introducing the patented technology, Efficient Solid Fuel Burning Appliance.

The patent is for a combustion chamber and heat transfer design.

Industrial combustion chambers or combustion chambers for heating appliances.

Over 50 stoves and over 100 types of fuels can be built with the technology.  Either a furnace, boiler, furnace with a water coil, or a free-standing stove can be built with the technology.

We would be happy to schedule an in-person presentation at your place of business to show you how it could benefit your company. 

We are interested in partnering with a manufacture in production of any model or fuel type. We are also interested in licensing or selling the patents.

Patented in Canada (2,707,405) and United States (9182116)


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