Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you enjoy the website and look around and learn why we are,”Round for a Reason”.

Round for a Reason LLC is a heating appliance company. We really like biomass!

Round for a Reason LLC is getting ready to launch a wood stove with our patented design.

The patented stoves will be built with the design features and technology that is: vertical cylinder, multiple round baffles even gap 360 degrees, the flue is in the very center in the top of the stove. Parts are parallel, perpendicular and concentric. Also a shaker fire grate and some stoves will have an automatic fan control.

Round for a Reason LLC first built a few wood furnaces just to test the design. The results were really surprising. After getting very good results from testing in house, we knew we had something great.  After doing market research, we learned that the majority of people actually do prefer wood stoves.

Well, EPA has a lot to say with getting stoves to market. So, we are going to do a little more testing of prototypes and hope to have wood stoves ready in a year. We did reach out to a few manufactures to see if we could start a partnership but the technology is so new and different, they didn’t want to take on the project.

So, we will build stoves ourselves.




Patented in Canada (2,707,405) and United States (9182116)


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